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Team Coaching & Facilitation

Team Coaching


Are you interested in developing High Performing Teams in your organisation?

Team Coaching helps to create alignment on a Team’s purpose and priorities.  It is also an opportunity for a team to reflect on their effectiveness, standards of behaviour and levels of team learning.  

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It's an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. The team can then focus on its real work, and achieve its objectives.

We start the process by supporting the team to consider the system within which they are operating e.g., key stakeholders, external pressures, organisation processes etc.

Team Dynamics

Understanding the dynamics of the team is a key part of team dynamics. This is the process of figuring out how team members relate to one another. We all have different styles of working and communicating, and when we encounter a person with a style that's different from our own, we can often get frustrated with that person, and fail to recognize his or her unique strengths.

Developing a clear set of behaviour and communication expectations is an important aspect of team coaching. The expectations help to build empathy and understanding and ensure that individual preferences aren't given more importance than team objectives.

Through several tools, we can provide great insights and enable team development, e.g.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment 

  • Everything DiSC Group Culture

  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict 

Everything DiSC Workplace® Introduction
Everything DiSC Workplace Introduction
Watch Now
This video introduces Everything DiSC Workplace®, exploring the model and each of the four DiSC® styles.
An Introduction to Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict
An Introduction to Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
Watch Now
Learn how Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict can help you harness the power of workplace conflict.

Want to kick off your Team’s journey to High Performance – click here to arrange an initial consultation.



Are you planning a Leadership Event or Workshop that would benefit from some expert Facilitation?  Let us help you to ensure your workshop achieves the desired outcomes.


What is Facilitation:

Facilitation is the act of planning and managing a group meeting so that it achieves its objectives in a timely and effective manner.  A skilled facilitator will focus on the agenda and the group dynamics, allowing participants to focus on the subject matter of the meeting.

Good Facilitation enables Groups to Succeed!

A well-facilitated meeting is one where the participants take ownership of the results and leave with a sense of achievement and a belief that there time has been well spent.  

Our expertly Facilitated Workshops can help you to:

  • Develop strategies and plans for your business

  • Identify issues, risks, or challenges

  • Identify and plan for stakeholder engagement

  • Defining change and understanding of the implications

  • Solve problems

At the Coaching Practice, we have experience working with a variety of group sizes and levels within an organization.  Our Facilitators will:

  • Create an atmosphere that encourages open contribution

  • Use professional tools & techniques to elicit relevant information and feedback

  • Intervene when required & challenge groupthink

  • Maintain the energy of the Workshop

  • Respect & Value the time of the Participants


Poorly facilitated meetings or workshops do not achieve their outcomes, waste people’s valuable time and raise your costs.

To ensure success with your Workshop - click here to arrange an initial consultation on our customizable Facilitation offering.

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