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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Service Description

✓Enhance your personal brand, develop gravitas, communicate effectively, utilise your strengths and become an authentic and charismatic Leader. 

✓Address self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and change the paradigm.

✓Reframe the female mindset. Smash the “glass ceiling” and own the corner office.

✓Hone Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Relationship Management & Networking Skills. ​ 

✓Develop team rapport, augment performance, encourage loyalty, cohesion and impact. ​ 

✓Adjust to remote working, team engagement and management. Coach to build resilience, trust and psychological safety. 

✓How to deal with challenges, underperformance, conflict management and performance reviews.

✓Embrace change, corporate transformations and ensure diversity and inclusion.

Our methods are anchored in 40 years of research, key strategic partnerships, and a set of psychology enabled effectiveness tools. Research backed assessments allow for credible and objective insights illuminating our clients’ current state environment.

Features of 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching
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“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.”

William Butler Yeats

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The Power of Coaching


John Whitmore

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.


John Donahoe, CEO Nike

Business leadership is not a born trait - you have to invest in yourself; world class athletes invest in themselves; world class athletes understand their strengths and understand their weaknesses; world class athletes consume COACHING as a sign of strength not as a sign of vulnerability and weakness.


John Donahoe,
CEO Nike

In my experience is the number one characteristic of top performing people is they continuously learn and grow.

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