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Meeting the Staff

About us

Our mission is to make a positive difference with our clients, by co-creating capable, curious, content and empowered individuals, leaders & teams.

Our Core Principles


We value Trust and this is the essence of our partnership.

We strive to underpin everything we do with Trust & Transparency.  

We build trusting relationships with our clients by delivering, keeping our promises, demonstrating our competence and by being honest, genuine and authentic with our feedback and advices.  

Our practice is all about Curiosity.

The power of our Coaching stems from our Curiosity and a thirst for continuous development.


We aim to give you time and space to explore, think creatively and develop a Curiosity that will drive real change and improvements throughout your life, career and business.


Ultimately what excites us is helping you turn your Potential into high performance.  

That’s the name of the game – whether that is in an individual context, team or an organisation. 

We look to maximise potential in every situation, coaching to turn problems into challenges, and then into opportunities.  

Ensuring that you develop new perspectives and agility as you go through your change journey, with balance and sustainable progress our cornerstone, whilst sharing a little fun together along the way too.


The Coaching Practice

The Coaching Practice founded by Ivo Fay and Melissa Dursley is a designated Executive and Leadership Coaching Practice and is an Authorized Partner for EVERYTHING DiSC a Wiley Brand.

Ivo  Fay

Ivo is an accredited Executive Coach, Organisation Development Consultant & a Facilitator. He works with clients to develop Leadership capabilities and to enable Teams navigate Change and build Agility. 

He is particularly interested in Team Dynamics and the impact leadership & coaching has in a high-performance business context.   

This connects with passions outside of work – having coached for several years in youth GAA, and with a keen interest in running, basketball and rugby.  

Ivo is also passionate about Sustainability and helping businesses adapt and thrive in the face of Climate Change and other environmental challenges.

Ivo is a proud native of Cavan and a graduate of University College Dublin, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Masters Degree in Business Studies from the Smurfit Graduate School of Business.  

He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD.  

With over 20 years industry experience in HR Management, Learning & Development and Change Management roles, he is passionate about helping our clients succeed and build toward their ambitions.

Melissa Dursley

Melissa is an accredited Executive, Leadership and Business Coach. She coaches clients to attain clarity, strategic vision, align their values and to develop curiosity.

She has a fervent enthusiasm for female focused coaching, empowering women to gain confidence, step up and ascend and to become flourishing thriving leaders. She also enjoys navigating and coaching females through career transitions and mentoring Returners after career breaks. 

Another Coaching forte is business & entrepreneurial coaching, which is a natural fit with her educational background and original career to date.

Melissa has enjoyed a successful career in Business and Corporate Banking in Lending and Strategic Management positions for c. 20 years. 

Melissa  is a qualified Financial Adviser with a Professional Diploma in Financial Advice from the Institute of Bankers, University College Dublin, and she is member of the Institute of Bankers. 

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Business Studies from Michael Smurfit, Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics & History from University College Dublin.

Melissa is an accredited Coach with an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Leadership & Personal Coaching from Kingstown College and holds an EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) and Professional Designation at Practitioner level.

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